Get your hands-on Mandarin pronunciation with Voice Blox.

Voice Blox is the first Mandarin learning tool to embody pronunciation as a simple physical form, allowing users to explore their Mandarin accent with their hands. Mandarin speakers teach tones with a small finger gesture. We have found a way to teach everyone this intuitive gestural-tonal language using simple shapes to guide a learner’s hand – making tones easy. 

Voice Blox deconstructs and tracks your vocal frequencies using 'Fourier' analysis software. The tactile interface embodies your characteristic vocal frequency into a physical shape, enabling you to see and feel exactly how you sound.

Patent: GB1800839.1 


For more details, please visit the official website of Voice Blox: https://voiceblox.co.uk 

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China Daily, China

AXIS Magazine, Japan


Voice Blox takes a novel multisensorial approach to learning language - not currently found in physical classrooms nor online. Currently, people have only their ear to rely on for understanding their speech.


Conventional language lessons are also not truly interactive, and feedback is rare. Our tactile interface embodies a user's characteristic vocal frequency in a physical shape, enabling them to see, feel and hear exactly how they sound.

The 'master' block leads the speech lesson by playing the ideal pronunciation as you move your finger along its top surface. Voice analysis software allows the 'mirror' block to listen to you and embody your tone in its surface form.


You can actively self-correct your accent by physically comparing the master and mirror block shapes, feeling and hearing yourself relative to the ideal tone. This rich multimodal learning experience is based on how people directly relate vocal sounds to body movement.

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"Voice Blox is the best thing for Mandarin tone since Pinyin."

Professor Peter Child

Head of the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London

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