A series of clock designs to investigate people’s perception of time. 

With the popularization of digital devices, the function of a "dated" clock should be re-evaluated. This series challenged people's traditional thinking and attitude towards different time windows. Your routine can be re-framed, blurred or divided. ​

Framing Time

Investigating the perception of time by re-framing and segmenting time slots on the clock, depending on the importance of the related events. Time perception is our subjective understanding of how significant the related event is happening during that slot.

Blurring Time

Exploring the treatment of different time slot with different attitude and mode. With 2/3 time followed seriously and efficiently, it's time to leave 1/3 unknown time for "flow", for losing the sense of time.

Isolating Time

The ritual way to record and release people from being addicted to mobile phones. The clock only works when the phone is isolated and inserted in the centre groove.

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