Yang Gao is a London based Product Designer and Engineer, at the intersection of Industrial Design, Interaction Design and UI/UX Design.

He thinks the good design should unite technology and aesthetics, and always serve users in a subtle way.


His passion leads him to investigate proactive concepts, build interesting interactions and create new human behaviour through divergent thinking approaches and tangible experimentation.


He has the hybrid design experience from industrial design and interaction design to VI, graphics and service design. The disruptive market innovation approach helps his products meet market demands.


He believes the experience that he has obtained as an Industrial Designer has provided him with a hands-on multidisciplinary ability to work in a diverse team, and come up with different forms of creative solutions. He is fully experienced with the human-centred approach, starting from the user analysis and brainstorming, and ending with user test and making. Additionally, he likes to add spark through an experimental design approach, resulting in novel solutions to complex problems.

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